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Moyle Construction
Moyle Construction

Moyle Construction believes that the recent news article on March 14, 2017 about the Company by TV6 News contains inaccuracies and paints the Company in an unfair light. We are disappointed that our local TV6 has decided to sensationalize a private employment matter that involved significant disputes of fact. While we are disappointed in this coverage, we are not surprised by it, especially given the national problem of “fake news” that seems to be permeating the media.

Moyle Construction is a pro-employee company committed to fair treatment of its workers. Moyle’s employees are not represented by outsider third-party unions and have the benefit of being able to work directly with Moyle on the issues that affect their vital interests. This allows us to be nimble and efficient in responding to both employee and customer needs. Moyle’s employees enjoy this structure and have never voted to bring in a third-party union.

Moyle believes that the publicity given to this matter is just one more example of outside interests trying to harm Moyle Construction because Moyle continues to succeed as a merit-shop contractor. Market share for union construction has fallen to historic lows, as less than 18% of construction work is performed by union employees. We at Moyle Construction, however, think that there are better ways to compete in the marketplace.

We have a loyal and dedicated workforce that continues to strive for excellence and provide outstanding service to our clients. We offer competitive wage and benefit packages and maintain award-winning safety and training programs. We have also received excellent support from our many project Owners, despite efforts by outsiders to discredit our company. Our core beliefs at Moyle Construction have not changed, and we will not be deterred from continuing our mission of serving employees and customers with integrity. We are proud of our many successful projects and plan to continue to play a significant role in the construction market area that we serve going forward.