A Foundation of Better Building

Since 1976, General Contractors Moyle Construction has had one goal – to continually provide better building services and solutions to our customers in Michigan. We have experienced change and growth over the past three decades as we have gathered a team of dedicated professionals; however our core has remained our family’s tradition of honesty and integrity. After all, our name is on every project.

Today, Moyle Construction is a full service general construction company with the ability to provide all facets related to a variety of building projects. Through a focus on always improving, we have developed an approach that delivers the features our customers require beyond brick and mortar. We call it our Better Built Advantage.

Our History and Team

In 1976, Moyle Incorporated began with two people, two purchases, and one big dream. As newlyweds, Tom and Denise Moyle had a dream of starting their own company and wanted to remain in the local area. With their wedding money in hand, they purchased their first mortar mixer and power trowel. The rest is history; a history of hard work, determination, and dedication as an entire family.

We believe that having the same team take your ideas and build them from the ground up can save you time and money, leaving you with more resources to invest in the continued growth of your business.

Tom Moyle, Founder & CEO

Tom and Denise Moyle founded Moyle Construction in 1976, with the money from their wedding. Tom has grown the company from a single mortar mixer to what the company is now. He soon branched into developing properties through his will to accommodate clients and the market demand. Now he can reside part-time in Florida with his wife and frequent visits from his many grandchildren!

Andy Moyle, President & Property Development

Being a family business, Andy started young learning laboring and various construction trades, then crew management before graduating from Michigan Tech and focusing on project development.  Since then, he has led the property development company and focuses on new project development, financing, leasing, acquisitions, sales, and general management.  He lives on the north side of the bridge with his wife, kids, and dogs.

Andrew Kemper, Engineering and Project Management

Andrew has been with Moyle even before he graduated with his Civil Engineering degree from Michigan Tech. He started in the summers as an intern, splitting time between job sites and the office. Over the years, Andrew has grown within the industry, and his responsibilities now include business development, engineering, estimating, project management, and contract administration. He has overseen projects for our clients in every corner of the U.P and Northern Wisconsin. If Andrew isn’t crunching numbers at his desk or helping our next customer make their dream a reality, he is either on his boat chasing his next big fish or hiding out at his deer camp! Lucky for Andrew, his wife shares his love for fishing, and they reside on Chassell Bay with their dog Betty.

Eric Laitinen – Field Operations

Eric has been a leader in building the UP’s infrastructure for 30+ years. Moyle Construction was lucky when he joined our operation in 2010 as he is a master of his field, and there is no one more knowledgeable about construction sites, top to bottom. He might not be the first to tell you, but he also graduated from Michigan Tech with a degree in Civil Engineering. Eric is responsible for oversight and scheduling of our field staff, managing all of Moyle’s resources from small tools to heavy equipment, and supervising our safety program. When Eric isn’t out building the UP, he can be found on the ice coaching hockey, bragging about his successful adult kids,  or grilling out for his friends and family where his wife and their two dogs reside lakeside in Chassell.


We Deliver Projects from Start to Finish

At the core of our success is a team of professional masons, iron-workers, concrete finishers, carpenters, equipment operators, painters, and laborers. In order to remain competitive in our industry it requires that you remain flexible in your delivery methods.

By leveraging our self-perform capabilities, we are able to more aggressively manage the construction budget and schedule. Our dedicated employees allow us to build hotels, grocery stores, schools, casinos, hospitals, and a number of other public and private projects.

Mission Statement

We are the Gold Standard in the industry; our success is built from the ground up by providing superior, professional services from start to finish. We are dedicated to the partnerships we have with our clients, employees, and our professional and trade associates.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to become the absolute industry leader in providing professional construction services throughout the Upper Mid-West. We will be the organization that other companies imitate because of our ability to build teams and projects, better than anyone else, from start to finish.

Core Values


Safety is a moral obligation. Our goal is to attain a zero incident frequency.


We promise to stay committed to you as our employee or customer long after you no longer have any commitment to us.


We treat customers and employees with the same professional and personal consideration we expect for ourselves.


We are straightforward in communicating with our employees and customers.


We learn from each other, we teach, we coach, and we listen.


Say what you do and do what you say.


We manage our time to include both business and personal success.


We aim to do everything faster, better, and with the highest quality.


Personal Growth

We support employees in their goal to expand their skills and experience. We believe that employees are entitled to meaningful, satisfying work as they help to advance the goals of the company.

Construction Site Safety

Safety is a critical part of our company focus at Moyle Construction. To maintain a safe worksite, we have developed a comprehensive safety program. It includes procedures dealing with hazardous materials, worker safety, project site security, and other project related issues.