Real Estate Development

Property development and built to suit leaseback

Real Estate Development

At Moyle Real Estate and Development, we understand the complexities involved in business expansion or opening a new business. With over a decade of real estate development experience, we are able to meet the needs of any business or organization. From property selection to completed construction, our team of professionals can assist in developing a variety of building projects. Through a focus on always improving, we have developed an approach that delivers the features our customers require beyond just property. We call it our Built to Succeed Advantage.

The Built to Succeed Advantage

  • We have extensive knowledge of the development process, from feasibility studies and site selection to permitting and preliminary design & budget.
  • Moyle Real Estate and Development has a large inventory of commercial vacant land property offering prime locations to a variety of businesses, such as: retail, governmental, institutional, commercial, hospitality, food service and industrial for national, state and local clients.
  • Our alliance with our sister company provides complete construction services for client driven improvements at lower costs and a timely delivery.

Property Leaseback

In the complex economic environment of today’s business world, ownership of facilities is not always a prudent method of operation. Leasing allows for the preservation of capital and reduces the exposure to the ever changing financial risks associated with ownership.

Lease Back Options provide many other advantages. Consider the following limited listing of such advantages and determine if this method of operation is best suited for your needs:

Leaseback Advantages

  • Property procurement is obtained by Moyle Real Estate in conjunction with your companies needs.
  • Project design is coordinated with space requirements, and financial conditions to insure your business pro forma restraints are met.
  • Project construction is administered through Moyle Construction to meet your expectations.
  • Lease Back is then coordinated through Moyle Real Estate and Development.
  • Sale Leaseback – Leaseback terms may be tailored to your specific conditions to also include the Option to Purchase if desired.

Moyle Incorporated, through its Real Estate and Development Division is able to provide the services necessary to enhance your business plan. Our Division of Construction, with its years of varied construction expertise can bring your facility to fruition.

Whether your decision is to “Lease Back” or pursue “Ownership” of your facility, Moyle Incorporated is your leaseback or sale leaseback partner in meeting the facility needs of your business.