General Construction

General Construction is a construction delivery method in which a construction professional is provided with completed plans and contracted by the owner or developer for self-performed construction services, which may include subcontractors.

Moyle General Construction

At Moyle, we have been providing quality construction and timely project completion for over 45 years. We apply modern management techniques to assure our clients with strong leadership on a wide range of projects. This makes the construction process easy for our clients at a competitive cost, delivering real value. The depth of our services gives our clients access to the most current and innovative construction solutions and technology.

Because we truly understand the owner’s perspective, we are able to recognize the critical components required for a successful project that will be completed as accurately, efficiently, and economically as possible, with minimal project disruption and delays. We have extensive experience in General Construction throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.

General Construction

  • The most common delivery method for publicly funded projects that have public bidding requirements.
  • The project scope is fully defined in both design and construction before the project begins, but the true cost of construction isn’t identified until the Owner has invested fully in the design and engineering.  This often lends to projects being fully designed, being bid to multiple contractors, only to find that they are considerably over budget.
  • Both design team and contractor are accountable directly to owner.